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20 DIY Wedding Centrepieces Your Guests Will Adore


These DIY wedding centrepieces won’t only show a crafty personal touch to your wedding but will have your guests in awe — easy fun and affordable ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding.

Take a look at these DIY wedding centrepieces: 

Buckets of Love

Paint each tin bucket a color of your choice. You have a lot of different options. You can do chalk paint, spray paint, metallics, the opportunities are endless. Your next step would be to hand paint or stencil on letters or words on each of the buckets. An example would be to have four buckets each with a stencilled letter spelling out “Love.” You can then place them onto your table and have a flower array coming out of each.

 DIY Wedding Centrepieces
Vintage Tea Party

For the people who are going for that tea party themed wedding, this is the DIY for you. By having a display of different tea canisters and vintage teacups in the middle of the table, you will play out your theme well, to a tea. In each of the tins place the flower arrangements of your choice. You can also set a vintage tea kettle on the table that works as a vase as well.

Vintage Tea Cups On Table With Flowers
Tea Canister Flower Vase
Floral Birdcage Arrangements

This DIY is for the love birds. For your DIY wedding centrepieces place a vintage birdcage with a floral abundance inside onto the centre of your table. You can also paint the cage with any color you like, to make it more personal. If you choose to do so, this would be your first step. Next, collect a bundle of flowers that you would like together. Insert the flowers into a foam block and place inside the birdcage. The foam block will hold the flowers, so they aren’t leaning against the cage and stay upright. Lastly, place some greenery around the base of the birdcage to finish off the look.

Vintage Birdcage Wedding Centerpiece
Wine and Dine

This simple DIY only calls for three materials; wood planks, recycled clear glass bottles, and some screws. First, you will want to cut the wooden planks to create a rectangular box with two sides open. Secondly, the top plank you will need to create holes for each bottle top to slightly stick out. Aline the glass bottles across the bottom piece of wood, then set the top plank across the top lining up the holes with the tops of the glasses. Now, you are ready to secure with screws. On the day of the wedding, the bottles will be set for water. Once filled place the flowers of your choice into the centrepiece and complete!

 DIY Wedding Centrepieces Using Glass Bottles
Around The World With You

For the couples who love to travel, this idea for DIY wedding centrepieces is for you. This DIY is as easy as wrapping flower vases in maps of the world. You can also antique the maps beforehand by wetting a tea bag and dabbing the paper to get the aged look. Burning the edges can also add an old feel. To carry out the traveler’s theme, you can add antique globes among your flower arrangements.

Map Candles And Flower Vases
Spray Painted Metallics

Spray paint is a crafty person hack. To add a metallic finish to just about any decor item at your wedding is made easy with just a touch of a spray can. Whether it’s to your arrangements vases, candle holders, or branches. Adding the same metallic flairs in different aspects of the weddings decor is an easy way to make a cohesive theme.

Spray Painted Metallic Glass
Organic Table Runners

This DIY has many variations. You can use this DIY to match the theme of your wedding. Example, to complete a backyard BBQ theme, have a table runner of grass. You will be able to add vases and candles or whatever you desire. Another example of an organic table runner that could match an outdoor wedding theme would be a runner of apples, oranges, or other fruit.  With a fruit table runner, you can add the flowers directly into the fruit themselves or have floral arrangements flowing throw the table runner.

Organic Grass Table Runners
Vintage Books

Going out and buying a few vintage books to stack on each table on your wedding day can make the perfect DIY centrepiece. To add to the books, you may place small antique glasses around and on the books, slightly filled with water with dainty florals and greenery set inside. Vintage books are the perfect DIY for any book worm.

 DIY Wedding Centrepieces With Vintage Books
Scrabble Boards

Vintage scrabble boards can create a super fun base to any centrepiece. Each game comes with individual letter pieces with a stand to hold them upright, and this makes a perfect base for a personalized message. On top of each board, you may add your floral arrangements to add to the wedding vibe.

 DIY Wedding Centrepieces Using Scrabble Boards
Beachy Table Runners

If you are looking for that beachy majestic table runner, look no further. While this may be a more time-consuming DIY, the final result is flawless. First, you are going to need a lot of oyster shells. Then you will need to drill a hole into each oyster at the base carefully. Once this is complete, you will need a small but long chain or a thinly cut piece of chicken wire, and this will act as your support base. Now you are going to adhere the shells to the support. Do this by twisting thin wire through each hole you drilled and attaching to the chain or chicken wire. Majority of the oysters will be attached to the middle of the runner, becoming less when closer to each of the ends. Add candles to fill and sparse spaces and to add to the overall look.

 DIY Wedding Centrepieces Oyster Shell Table Runner
Oyster Candle Holders

To stick to the beach-themed weddings. Oyster shells are a great way to add to your DIY wedding centrepieces. The shells can act as great tea light candle holders. What you will want to do for this DIY, is gather bunches of three oyster shells per candle. Next, hot glue them together to create a bowl-shaped vessel. Tip, glue, and attach at base and mid-shell. Lastly, add twine around each candle holder and complete with a bow. Another idea, you can melt candle wax into a single shell and place a wick to create your own candle shape!

 DIY Wedding Centrepieces Oyster Shells
Herb Gardens

Having a mini herb garden as your centrepiece is not only a fun concept but is also an organic idea. Buy three or more flower pots and plant different herbs into each. Once sprouted, they are ready for the big day. Finish each pot off with a personal sign saying what is planted in each planter. Not to mention, your guests may also take these home to enjoy!

 DIY Wedding Centrepieces Herb Garden
The Edible Centrepiece 

What is more exciting than an edible centrepiece? This is a super easy DIY with a fantastic outcome. On each table, display an array of cured meats and aged cheeses, and a side of crackers. Not only will this centrepiece look like something from Italy but, if your guests are feeling a bit peckish before dinner this centrepiece is an easy fix.

 DIY Wedding Centrepieces Using Food
Crawling Vines – A Hanging Centrepiece

If you want to keep the tables looking simple but are looking for a way to dramatize them a little, look no further. While having an array of candles is simplistic, spruce it up with a hanging fixture. By hanging a light fixture above with vines slightly hanging from it, doesn’t take away from the simple look but creates a movement for the eye. If light fixtures aren’t a possibility due to electrical availability, you can create the same look by hanging wreaths of florals and vines.

DIY Hanging Table Centerpiece
Pineapple Vase

What’s better than a vacation wedding? To add to the tropical feel, try using pineapples as vases. Not only will this be perfect for holding flowers in, but you will get a delicious snack while DIYing! This will top off any tropical theme.

Pineapple Flower Arrangment
Autumn Harvest Bowl

Similar to the tip above, we are carving out another fan fav. Autumn weddings are beautiful, the changing of the leaves, the slight crispness of the air are all fantastic for your fall-time wedding. To really play out the season craving out pumpkins to create vases is a perfect idea. Once carved and gutted, place you floral arrangments inside. For final touches, add ribbon and/or twine around the pumpkin and secure with a bow.

Pumpkin Filled With Flowers
Add Some Glitter

If you are looking for a simple way to glam up your DIY wedding centrepieces, add glitter! Nothing says glam like having extra sparkle. This DIY can be done a million different ways. An example – use glitter paint and paint the bottom of your flower vases to add some extra shine and to hide the bottom of the flower stems. You can also dust your florals with loose glitter to add a slight simmer when the lights hit them. Again, this DIY has so many variations. You have room to get creative with this one.

 DIY Glitter Wedding Centrepieces
Behind Glass

A true love story, Beauty and the Beast inspired. Served on a glass platter under a cascading glass dome appears a bundle of flowers, ready to serve a true love story to your guests. This DIY is super easy, and only includes a few materials to complete. First thing you will need is the glass platters and domes. Next, you will need your flowers and lots of them. Lastly, for the support, you will need the foam blocks to stick your floral arrangements into, these will sit inside the glass domes. 

DIY Beauty And The Beast Rose Centerpiece
Add Hanging Candles

A simple add on to the tree-like centrepieces is to hang tea candles to the branches. Not only is this a super easy and fast DIY hack, but it will add a romantic candlelit dinner feel to the table.

 DIY Wedding Centrepieces With Hanging Candles

You can purchase similar hanging candle holders here.

Fruit And Flowers

A simple way to add a fruity and fun vide to your wedding is to slice up fruits and place them in your flower vases. Fruits we would recommend are grapefruits, lemons, limes, and oranges. Depending on your color scheme these fruits will also give your vases a very pale color to them, super-easy way to add pops of color into your wedding. An easy way to keep the fruit slices standing upright is to place a smaller vase within the larger one. The fruit will sit perfectly between the two vases while the smaller vase holds the flowers.

Fruit Flower Vase Centerpiece