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5 Tips On Decorating Your Open Concept House


Decorating your open concept house can be challenging. Open Concept homes can be beautiful. They can make the home feel grand and airy. In a traditional home, each room used to be sectioned off. The kitchen would have been separate from the dining room, and the dining room sectioned off from the living room, etc. So how do you define these spaces in a house that is all open? 

Here are some tips on decorating your open concept house.

Choosing a Color Scheme

Choosing a monochromatic color scheme is the safest way to start decorating an open concept floor plan. Going monochromatic is a foolproof way to start the flow of the space. Stay within similar colors but play around with different shades and tones to still bring diversity. To keep the area from feeling dull, add in an accent color for some pop, this will also keep your eyes moving to a variety of focal points. Lastly, when sticking to a very similar color palette patterns and textures are going to be crucial. Both of these contributions are going to bring depth and personality into the home.

Open Concept Home
Define Spaces by Using Rugs

Tips on decorating your open concept house are to bring in rugs. Rugs can be used to ground an area.  For instance, putting a rug down for where you want your living room section to be will create a space to build a conversation cluster around. Coffee table in the middle, sofas, and chairs around the perimeter of the carpet, will help define a living room space. You can also use a similar tactic by using a rug to designate the dining zone. Since we are working with an open concept layout, you can either use two of the same area rugs to create symmetry. If you want to do something a little more eclectic you can go with two different rugs as long as they compliment each other – maybe one formal and one free form.

What Is A Conversation Cluster?

A conversation cluster is a term that means creating a functional layout where everyone when together feels comfortable.

All White Interior Main Floor

Check out Elte and their collection of rugs and broadloom here. They have a large variety of styles that work amazingly in any home.

How to Coordinate Your Open Floor Plan 

When coordinating your open floor plan, you will want to have uniformity between each element. An easy way to do this is when choosing materials – flooring, countertops, cabinetry or fabrics they should all have a similar vibe to them. For instance, maybe it’s that they are all in muted tones. Some other tips on decorating your open concept house are to disperse the materials around the room to create flow. For example, if you have off white linen drapery, try to incorporate linen into other items like your sofa, accent chairs or dining room chairs. Or let’s say your kitchen has calacatta marble countertops, you can mimic that feel by also having a coffee table that is calacatta marble. 

Open Concept Floor Plan
How to Break up Space

Stepping into an open concept house can be overwhelming. You may be at a loss to how you will distinguish each specific zone. An important tip would be to move the furniture away from the wall. Create conversation areas more towards the center of the room, and this will help define each zone. However, some pieces you might want along your walls could include bookcases, different types of shelving or sideboards. You can also define spaces by using oversized art. Check out ‘Ways To Pull Off Oversized Art’ Here.

Open Concept House With Large Windows

Use The Homes Architectural Details


When it comes to tips on decorating your open concept house, take advantage of the architecture of the home. For example, an area may have wainscotting which could be a benefit if you want that formal dining room feel. You can always create architectural elements if they aren’t pre-existing. For instance, wainscotting and crown molding are an easy install. Both of these elements can help with defining specific spaces, give the overall layout a brand new look, or extend off of any pre-existing details.

Architectural Built Ins

If storage is an issue, something you may want to think about is built-ins. Built-ins create a place for everything. They can enclose things you may not want to see all the time. Some examples include your tv, electonical devices, and the bothersome wires that come along with these items. They also are a great tactic if you wish to display art and make the vibe of the house more appealing.

Decorating Your Open Concept House With Crown Molding