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7 Genius DIY Headboard Ideas People Will Love


Wake up call! Your bedroom should be treated as a sanctuary, so why not style it like one? With these stylish DIY headboard ideas, you will be transforming your room in no time.

Check out these 7 Genius DIY Headboard Ideas:

Barnboard Doors

Transform your bedroom with barnboard doors for a rustic but chic look. This easy DIY can be made over the weekend, with only a few supplies. We suggest you source out the lights and which door handles you will like before starting this DIY.

Barn Board DIY

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Channel Tufted

This super stylish headboard is easier than it looks to recreate. Not only is this DIY 100% customizable because you get to choose the fabric and sizing, but will give the room a sophisticated look.

Channel Tuft Bed Frame

Here is Emily Henderson take on her DIY Channel Tufted Headboard.

The Woven Affect

What seems better than a woven fabric headboard? Super easy way to bring color, texture, and dimension into your bedroom. With this DIY, the color combinations are endless! This headboard creation is beginner-friendly because you won’t be working with tones of supplies, and almost no building is involved!

Fabric Woven DIY Headboard

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Mood Board

When it comes to genius DIY headboard ideas, this one is an easy install but can continuously be changed up. Once the grid has been adhered to the wall, you can start to decorate. You can use magnets and s-hooks to attach items to the headboard. Things you may want to include on your mood board might be inspirational photos, quotes, pictures, art pieces, and even twinkle lights.

Diy Mood Board Headboard

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Book It

Measure out how large you would like your headboard to be; this will be the size for your sheet of plywood. Scrounger your bookshelves for old hardcover books, if you can’t find them there the local book store or thrift store is sure to have plenty. Lay each book onto the plywood, play around with the arrangement, before you adhere to ensure the look you are going for. Make sure you part each book in the center. Now once you have your books in order, it’s time to start nailing. You want to make sure the book is secure to the support, so use more than one nail per side. Lift the two center pages, these you will not want the nail to go through. To cover the nailheads, you are going to take the center pages and glue it down over the top of the others. The left-center page you will want to glue to the left and the right-center page to the right. Not only will that cover the nailheads, but ensures the pages don’t flop around, giving you a seamless result.

Materials Needed:

Here is all that you will need for this DIY: a sheet of plywood, hardcover books, nails, and some glue.

DIY Headboard Made From Books
Folding Screens

Re-purpose those antique folding screens by using them for headboards. For those who have eclectic interiors, a folding screen is a perfect element to add. Mixing elements from different time periods not only looks stunning but brings in a sophisticated feel to the room.

Folding Screen In Bedroom
Window Frames


Another easy re-purpose is to use old window frames for a headboard and maybe you have some frames you would already like to use.However, if you don’t, head to a vintage re-purpose store because they will have a ton of old window frames to purchase, and you will be able to buy them for a reasonable price. Window frames are fantastic when it comes to DIY headboard ideas because you can take so many spins on the concept. Find windows that are going to best suit the size of your room and style. Bringing in a structured element with slight transparency is a unique way to bring texture and dimension into a room.

Recycled Window Frame Headboard


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