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Black And White Halloween Decor That’s Trending


Black and white Halloween decor has been trending this spooky season. We see the trend from pumpkin displays, wall decor, and even table settings. Usually, when you think of Halloween, the color orange pops into your mind but, let’s see what this new trend has in store.

Get your home ready for the holiday season with these eerie ideas:

A Patch Of Painted Pumpkins 

Pumpkins come in an array of different colors, shapes, and sizes, so let’s get creative. Sticking with the white and black theme, we would suggest working with white pumpkins to start. You can leave them as they are for an all-white appearance or create a black and white pinstripe by creating lines with skinny tape and painting the exposed rine. Once dry, peel off the tape to reveal your pinstripes. You can also use this technique to come up with a variety of designs. Another idea is to add bits and pieces to your pumpkins. Add ons may include mascarade masks, diamonds, buttons, lace, and more.

Diy pumpkin ideas
black and white halloween decor
Mysterious Mantel Display

One thing we love to dress up during the holidays is our mantles, and Halloween should be no different. Vintage black and white, eerie photographs are essential when it comes to spooking up your home, they give off a historical but creepy feel. Black or white candles are also a great detail to add. You can also get creative and DIY some giant spiders to creep up your fireplace and to add to that adding in cobweb detailing.

halloween mantel display
Front Door Decor

Welcome trick or treaters with black and white Halloween decor. Without making your home look too scary for the little tricker treaters add simple details of black and white pumpkins. Next, combine some tree branches into your display and lean them up against your house. To top off the black and white theme, you can spray paint the branches black. Rest some crows in the tops of the branches to top off your Halloween design.

Halloween front door decorations

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Balloon Display

A unique idea you could do this season is a balloon display. You could do this in front of a fireplace, alone a stair wall or a corner of your home. Blow up a bunch of white balloons and draw different jack-o-lantern faces on a selected few. Arrange them all in a cluster, and disperse the balloons with faces on them throughout the bunch. Throw in some black balloons into the mix to add contrast. You can add bats to the wall above your display to create eye movement from the floor to your ceiling. A floor to ceiling design will help create a full Halloween vignette.

black and white halloween decor
Dining Room Danger

Dress up your dining room in all black and white Halloween decor, everything from the plates to the linens to even the accent pieces. Layer a black table cloth with worn white lace draped on top. Place black and white Halloween dishes in front of each seat, paired with a goblet for your glass. Next, add your centerpiece into the center of the table. The centerpiece may include dead florals, pumpkins, skulls, and more. The possibilities are endless.

black and white halloween table display

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