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DIY Rustic Key Hooks That Anyone Can Make

Kitchen shelf

DIY rustic key hooks aren’t hard to make. They are a fast project. Having somewhere to hang your keys at the end of the day is essential. Not only does it make for an easy find in the morning, but it helps keep you organized. 

Below are four ideas for DIY rustic key hooks:

Branch Out 

This DIY is maybe one of the easiest ones yet. All you will need is a tree branch, some twine, and a few screw hooks. First, you are going to want to size out how large you want the tree branch to extend across the wall. Your next step is to go out and find a branch that fits the size description. Next start by winding the twine around the stick about 1-2 inches from the ends, hot glue to secure. Next, you will want to create two loops with the string.

Now, hot glue them to the back of the branch on top of the twine that’s already wrapped. These loops will be how to hang the key holder to the wall. Lastly, screw in a few hook screws to the bottom of the stick, this creates sections for each key to hang. Attach to the wall, and your DIY is complete.

Rustic Key Hook

Check out More Like Home’s full DIY demonstration here.

Wooden Blocks

Next on the list of DIY rustic key hooks, is one which is made up of only three materials. You will need blocks that spell out the word key, screw hooks, and a piece of old floorboard. The first thing you will want to do is paint the blocks the color of your choice. After they dry, you will want to glue the blocks onto the piece of floorboard evenly spacing them apart. Screw the screw hooks into the bottom of each block, and you are done.

Key Hook rustic
Old Shelf Makeover

If you have an old shelf laying around, why not re-purpose it? This DIY is super simple; all you need is an unused shelf and some old silverware. You will want to bend the handles on the forks and spoons to create a hook-like shape. Next, drill the ends of the cutlery to the shelf, and now you have useable hooks for your keys to hang. If you want you can always freshen up the shelf with a coat of paint or distress it, depending on your desired look.

Kitchen shelf
Horizontal Plank Key Rack

Last on the list of DIY rustic key hooks is this one. Again, super easy to do and gives off a rustic flair to your home. You will need four pieces of wood all cut to the same size. Now, choose a color of stain that you would like, here they went with a deeper brown. Stain each wood piece and let dry. Stager the pieces and once you arrange them how you like take wood glue and glue them to assemble. Lastly, drill a few hooks to each board, and your DIY rustic key hook is complete.

stained wood key rack

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