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Dallas Home That Will Dazzle You: Home Tour


You won’t want to miss these Dallas home walk throughs.

Whether you’re in the market to purchase a mega-mansion, or you’re just curious about the lifestyle of the mega-rich and famous be sure to count Dallas as a hotbed for super-luxurious mansions in the south. Former President George W. Bush currently has a Texas ranch in Dallas where he is originally from, as well as a slew of other high profile household names. If you are interested in warm weather almost year-round, affordable living, and a southern accent, Dallas may be the place for you.  It’s no surprise that Texas hosts so many mansions, after all, they say that everything is bigger in Texas! 

Decadent Dallas Mansion

This mega-mansion hit the market for a whopping 32 million in 2016. The home features eight bedrooms for you and 18 bathrooms as well as a ten car garage (for those of us who love driving cars). There’s no doubt that this is a spacious home for you, your family, and friends! But in case you are worried about the hot summers in Texas, don’t worry! This home comes packed with a fully functional water theme park. Head over to the yard, and you’ll find yourself choosing between a beautiful lounge in the lazy river or among the several waterslides on the property.

At this point, you may be asking yourself who could own such an immaculate house? This dazzling Dallas home is the creation of Richard Malouf, a dentist whose origins come from Lebanon that founded a chain of clinics across the country. Mr. Malouf certainly had a knack for entertaining and sports because, his home features a tennis court along with an NBA size basketball court, equipped with a DJ table for parties.

Huge Dallas Home Mansion
Dallas Home With Water Park
Mega Mansion With Basketball Court And Water Park
The Dazzling Dallas Home

If you are wondering how there could be room for another mansion, the real estate developers in Texas have you covered. The next gem that we will explore is an immaculate architectural piece of work that looks like it could be pulled right from the pages of the Great Gatsby. This large 27,092sqft house that is on the market for a whopping 29 million 5 hundred thousand dollars is perfect for those who love space. The home comes equipped with ten bedrooms, seventeen baths, and roughly 13 acres of land. If you have a large family, to say the least, this home will make you the goto holiday host. You certainly won’t have to worry about having enough room for the in-laws to stay!

Huge Dallas Home Mansion


Modern Kitchen With Marble Backsplash
Luxurious Dallas Home

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The Woodlands Home

Our final stop today will is an ultra-chic mansion that features architecture which looks like it came straight from Mexico. This Dallas home is one of the more modest ones from the homes that we have looked at in Dallas. This mansion is considered a Single Family House. It has 6-bedrooms and 7.2 baths. The entire size of the home comes in at almost 11,000sqft. The house is selling for 3.8 million, which is a much better price-tag than the other homes that we have seen, so far. However, this is nothing to scoff at the house is more than large enough to comfortably host family and friends of any party size! 

Huge Dallas Home Mansion
 Open Concept Dallas Home Living Room
All White Dallas Home Kitchen

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