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How To Choose The Perfect Dog House For Your Yard


If you have a furry loved one, then you probably know what we are about to say: Dogs love the outdoors! Moreover, there is a significant amount of information that shows our canine friends feel most comfortable having a space of their own. When you combine the two, you end up with the perfect outdoor solution, a dog house. There are two options to choose from when considering the ideal dog house for your pet; you can build one yourself or purchase a store made creation. Today we will focus on buying one (this caters to those who do not have time or are not DIY inclined). If you would prefer to build one stay tuned for our next article, 15 Different Ways To Build A Dog House! 

Choosing the perfect dog house is not as easy as it looks. Most people have difficulty finding a dog house that will accent their home for the better. Choosing a dog house that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing can be quite challenging. Consider these several factors when picking the perfect dog house for your yard: The style of your home, your homes location and surrounding seasons of the year,  your yards size as well as your dog’s size. The following is a suggested style as well as some curated links we thought would complement our selections nicely. 

Rovers Rustic Getaway

If your home is a beautiful rustic log cabin, we have just the solution for you. This first dog house features a solid oak finish and has an outdoors vibe. If you choose this dog house rest assured that your furry friend would enjoy a similar ambiance to your cabin. 

How To Choose The Perfect Dog House

Check out this Rustic Log Cabin Here.

Fidos Farmhouse Appeal

The next dog house is for those who live in farmhouses. This splendidly crafted home reflects similarities to a chicken coop, which is sure to accent your farmhouse beautifully.  A nice feature of this dog house is that it has a chicken pen also attached — farmers who are looking for two in one look no further.

Barn Styled Dog House
Dog And Chicken Pen

Check out this Barn Inspired One Here.

Is There Room For Two? 

If you have a second dog and would like for both your dogs to enjoy the comfort of their own space without feeling crammed, this next option is the perfect dog house for your yard! This dog house is also an excellent choice for the individuals who have a picket fence surrounding their yard to ensure that their canine friends do not get loose. 

The Perfect Dog House For Two Dogs

Check out this One Here.

Feline Friends Welcome

The next doghouse features a modern look that is perfect for a more chic look. This doghouse is designed to look like it would fit right in with a home from the future. Not to mention this design also allows for cats to use it if you have one. 

The Perfect House For Dogs And Cats
Climate Friendly 

Readers who live in a variety of different temperate climates we have just the perfect dog house for you. This design has an air conditioner and a heater attached to it. If you’d like to shovel the snow while your dog rests in between playtime, this is the perfect solution. It also allows for you to take care of the yard work during a smouldering hot day while your pet can cool off in their own outdoors house. 

Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer