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How to Maximize Storage in a Small Closet


Wondering how to maximize storage in a small closet? Trying to squeeze everything into a small closet but it’s just not working? You need to utilize the space you have and make the most out of it. With these tips and tricks on how to maximize storage in a small closet below, the headache this is causing you will be gone.

Heres a list on what to do first to maximize storage in a small closet:

Remove Everything Out of the Closet

You need to start with a blank canvas. Start with removing everything out. Now that you have everything out you can see what you have to work among. Start imagining of how you want your closet to look, map it out. Think about the storage you need – hanging, shelving, shoe storage, etc. By having a plan in mind, it will help your shopping for storage solutions go much smoother.

Go Through your Personal Belongings

Everyone has items they probably no longer need. Clothes, shoes, and accessories all need to be gone through. Anything that doesn’t fit or you no longer wear. That item you are holding onto hoping it comes back into style, get rid of it. There would be absolutely no purpose to hold onto unuseful things especially when trying to create more storage.

Declutter Your Closet

If you are asking yourself how to declutter your closet – there is a simple answer for that. Okay, so you have now gotten rid of no longer needed clothes, great. However, there is more that has to go. Items this would include that take up space, shoe boxes – they may hold your shoes, but there are better storage solutions. Dry cleaning bags, these are bulky. Plus you should always remove your clothing articles from dry cleaning bags. If you don’t, the chemicals from the dry cleaning process will be trapped in your clothing, so do not keep these. Miss matched hangers, this is explained why below. Anything that doesn’t need to be in there, eliminate. Now you will be able to have a feel of how to maximize storage in a small closet and what exactly you need to organize.

Head Count

Have a mental note of how many clothing articles you need to fit into your wardrobe. Count out how many of these have to hung, folded or stored away. Now you will be prepared you for what types of storage you will need to explore.


Knowing the measurements of your closet will come in handy for your next step, which is to purchase closet organizers. Measure the width, height, and depth of your closet space. Perfect, now you have all your dimensions make sure you keep a note of this, you will need it when shopping. While you shop bring a tape measure, you don’t want to have a second guess at your decision. Being off even half an inch could cause you problems later.

What to Buy for Organizing your Closet:

1. By purchasing an extender rod, you will double your hanging space.

For example this one from Bed Bath & Beyond

Double hanging space is one of the most effective ways to maximize storage in a small closet. Since the majority of clothes are usually hanging, you might as well maximize this.

Maximize Storage in a Small Closet With Double Hanging Rod
https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/ ARluTqqUv3k9QV1cWDW5GlCSrOVE6- v1nSSFxTiHM1tpz08aeooApE8/

2.Double shelf space by installing undershelf storage
You can also buy ones like this from Bed Bath & Beyond in multiple sizes and colors

Doubling shelf space is a great idea when you need extra space for your folded clothes, keeps your piles from becoming too high and toppling over


3. Closet Bin Storage

Check out these here from pottery barn

These fabric storage bins are a perfect way to keep your closet looking neat, and they can also certainly compliment your decor scheme. For the organizational purpose, you can put offseason items in them. They create a place to put extra folded clothes or anything you may want to store.

4.Shoe Racks
Don’t forget to use your floor space in your closet, a great thing you could do is use a shoe rack. Taller shoes can go on the top level, regular shoes can sit on the middle shelf, and your flatter shoes can slide under the shelf, of course, this will depend on what style of rack you purchase but just an idea.

5.Back of the Door Storage
Don’t forget to utilize every area of the closet, by having a door overhang this will generate hooks for you to hang objects from without interfering with the rest of your wardrobe.


Back Of The Door Storage Solutions
https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/ AeLZevGE2EcV0QIjCdtS01qJe3fUqrPj8kMRIIxoJH4 nZCBDxeJlA6Q/

6. Shelf Dividers
Having dividers that adhere to your shelves will help you keep your clothing articles from tumbling over, or they can also help your purses to stand up straight and stop them from creasing.

7. Purchase the Right Hangers
A personal favorite would be these felt hangers from target

Hangers may seem like a small detail in how to maximize storage in a small closet, but it plays a more significant role then you think. If you have bulky/heavy hangers, eventually this will take away hanging space because the clothes cant hang as close to one another. Instead, go with a slimmer one. Felt hangers will stop the objects from sliding off, creating a more uniform look in how everything hangs.

8.Drawer Solutions
Drawers are super functional can hold many purposes. One, they can keep your small clothing articles like your socks, undergarments, bathing suits and more. Easy access to your items that don’t need to be hanging but you need day to day. Maybe this could include sleepwear or work out clothes. However, they can also be used to store accessories and jewelry. You can also purchase drawer organizers for these items.


Maximize Storage in a Small Closet With Drawer Organizers


9. Built-in Closet Storage System
Built-in closet organization systems are for the people who are maybe a little bit handier. If you are looking for a complete closet transformation, you can purchase an organization system from the department store. However, this is going to include gutting out your closet ultimately. Also, you will have to install it piece by piece so, it may take up more time. Before doing this, do your research. Make sure the system will work with your space. These are usually very customizable so find out what they have that will fit your needs. Although, this solution may be a tad pricier when it comes to how to maximize storage in a small closet they’re great.

Closet Organization System To Maximize Storage in a Small Closet
https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/AU2zkwi- Xt7NZ9J2QLLX7GSBFRaP50VBdo6SLjsxG9DT8TGu7aho ndc/