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How To Organize Your Kitchen Like A Pro


Here are some of our most helpful tips when it comes to how to organize your kitchen. We know disorganization can cause mayhem in the kitchen, especially when preparing for a family dinner. Everything is about optimizing space and having the right storage solutions.

Start With A Blank Slate

The first step to any organizational project is to declutter. Yes, this means pulling everything out of your cupboards, drawers, and fridge. It is essential to see everything you that will needs organizing. You want to check expiry dates, whether or not an appliance works and if you need that item.

how to organize your kitchen
Cleaning Out The Fridge

First, let’s start with the refrigerator. Check all the expiry dates, anything past? Throw away. Now, make sure you give the inside of the fridge a good clean. Another good idea is to put a deodorizer in it as well.

how to clean out your fridge

Here is how to organize your kitchen, when starting with the fridge:

Creating Zones

When creating zones, it is critical to group your food items. What we mean by this is, vegetables have a department together, fruits in a drawer, drinks or liquids on a shelf, etc. For each of the compartments in the door, think of what they could be labeled. Maybe you could have sections for sauces, dressings, spreads, easy access items, and extra storage.

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Organizing Your Kitchen

Since everything is out of the drawers and cupboards, the process may seem overwhelming. Don’t worry, keep the end goal in mind of a beautifully clean kitchen. However, now is a good time to deep clean, so take advantage of that.

Define Each Zone

Take a good look at all the items you have to put away. Organize the items into groups. Now, you will be able to start making a list:

  • Decide what do you use daily
  • What can go in the pantry
  • How many accessories you have that are used for cooking and what are they?


Here is how to organize your kitchen by zones:

Section One: Everyday

This section should include things like your plates, glasses, silverware, and bowls. The best place for these items would be closest to your dishwasher and sink.

How to organize your kitchens everyday wear
Section Two: Cooking

Best placed near the oven and stove this section is for when you are in the kitchen cooking or baking. Things here would include pots, pans, cutting boards, baking sheets, measuring cups, mixing bowls, and other cooking accessories you may have.

under the stove storage
Section Three: Storage

Ziplock bags, parchment paper, tin foil, Tupperware, and food wrap should all be kept together or close too. Try storing these items close to the fridge. Once packed away, this is where the food will more than likely go.

where to store kitchen extras
Section Four: Pantry

Think of your pantry as a store away area. A pantry is an excellent place for more massive kitchen gadgets. Also, you will want to store spices, and baking needs, along with some other stuff all in the pantry area.

How to organize your kitchen pantry
Section Five: Under The Sink

You will need a special place for the cleaning supplies in your kitchen. The best spot for these cleaning chemicals and solutions would be away from the food and under the sink.

How to organize your kitchens under the sink
Section Six: Specialty Areas

Specialty areas may include a coffee bar, where you might want to store mugs, coffee machine, and a sugar dish. Holiday host ware, you may want to separate because it is for special occasions and not every day. Another section you may want to create is a bar section. Close to the mini-bar or wine fridge, you might want to include items like wine glasses, alcohol, cocktail shaker, etc.

coffee bar organization
Organizing Tips

A hack on how to organize your kitchen would be to eliminate as much garbage as possible. By doing so, this will help your kitchen to appear cleaner and less cluttered.

Below are some ideas on how you can reduce the waste when storing items:

Dry Foods

When arranging your kitchen, we recommend replacing the packaging of the contents with clear glass Tupperware, therefore they are easy to see. An example of this, cereals and dry pasta can quickly be taken out of the boxes and placed into glass containers, and this makes for reusable storage and easy to find products.

how to organize dry goods in kitchen

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If you are a household of canned drinks, the best storage solution would be a soda organizer. These organizers can be either placed inside the fridge or can be placed within a cupboard. Therefore, keeping the cans neatly together, and stored somewhere where they cannot roll around.

how to store cans

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Kitchen Appliances

A great way to store your kitchen appliances is on pull out shelving. The shelving gets installed into your cabintry. It allows for easy access to your devices and limits the stacking and rearranging you may endure when trying to get to that item at the back. Certainly, this organization tip is one of the most handy!

how to organize your kitchen appliances

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Canned Goods

Over time, our pantry gets filled with canned goods, and they begin to take up a lot of space. Try a tiered storage rack. The rack will allow for multiple cans to be stack on top of each other. As a result, this will open up more storage space within your pantry to store other attributes.

canned goods organization

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