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How To Throw A Peaches And Cream Party


Are you looking for a cute themed birthday party? Well, look no further because here is a peachy idea. A peaches and cream party, maybe this idea has never crossed your mind but could be the perfect summer party theme.

Here are some ways to pull off a Peaches And Cream Party: 

Peaches Galore Decor

To pull off any theme, you want to make sure your decor is on point. For this peach themed party, a perfect idea to showcase the design is to have a backdrop wall. Also, backdrops are excellent for capturing pictures. What you can do is cut leaves from green Bristol Board and paint brushstrokes of darker green on top, to give the leaves dimension and different tones. Next, paper mache a few ball-like shapes and paint light orange. Once everything is dry, you can begin to tape them up on to the wall. Start with the leaves creating a few bunches, and finish by adding your paper mache fruit.

Peaches And Cream Party
Peachy Perfect Garland

What is better than a peachy perfect DIY. To create an organic-like garland blow up balloons only a little bit, tie and attach two fake leaves to each of the ends and string from twine creating a perfect row of peaches. Adorable and super easy!

Garland Made Of Fruit
A Giant Peach Piñata

Typically you would not be going around knocking peaches down with a stick, but in this case, you do! Nothing says birthday like a piñata.

Giant Peach Piñata

You can purchase a Giant Peach Piñata Here.

Peach Perfect Invitations

You can’t forget to invite your guests. Kick start your peaches and cream part theme by getting custom invitations made, or if you are crafty, you can make them yourself! This is a great way to showcase what the topic of your party is going to be.

Sweet Peach Birthday invitations
Did Someone Say Cake?

Picking the perfect peach isn’t hard when the peaches are cupcakes! Choose your favorite flavor of cake and top off with a peach swirl of icing and a tiny leaf to embellish.

Fruit Filled Cupcakes
Sweet As A Peach Cookies

Play out your theme through cookies. Sugar cookies are perfect for any themed party because they can be easily decorated to your desire. 

Peaches And Cream Cookies
Tabe Settings

When it comes to decorating your table, you can lay out a pair of fake leaves and place peach-colored plates on top to mimic the peach motif. This plate setting would especially look beautiful on top of a picnic table. For a cutesy touch, add mason jars to hold silverware and flowers.

Peach Table Setting


Peach Punch

Every peaches and cream party needs a drink station. One idea is creating the perfect peach punch and serving it in jam jars. Instead of punch, you could also make a peach iced tea. Another approach is to brew up some peaches and cream tea, for guests who may want something a little warmer.

Fresh Peaches Punch Stand At A Party
Freshly Picked

Have you had enough of the sweets? Place a fresh fruit stand filled with peaches in your backyard. Not only is this a healthier alternative from cupcakes and cookies but, also knocks your parties theme out of the park. Even, at the end of the party, let guests take some of the fresh fruit home as a party favor.

Fresh Fruit Stand Of Fresh Peaches