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Tips On How To Style White Rooms You Need To Know


Are you looking to know how to style white rooms. When it comes to styling a room while only using whites may seem easy at first glance, but in reality, it becomes much more complicated. If not done carefully, your place could feel boring, or possibly even clinical. 

To help you avoid this here is a list of tips on how to style white rooms.

How to Choose a White Paint Color

Choosing what white you are going to use is your first step to creating the all-white look. Whites run warm and cold. You will have to decide what overall feel you want the room to have. Yellow based whites create warmth or have an antique look to them. Blue-based whites will have a crispness to them and have a cleaner feel. Now that you have chosen the color for your walls, you will want to think about your trim and ceiling color. People seem to get overwhelmed when it comes to this. However, don’t be it’s simple, choose the same color as your walls. Why? Because of this, it’s 100% guarantee that the undertones will pair well. Now we still want to create some dimension between the walls, trim, and ceiling. Same color but different sheens, that is how you are going to achieve this. Walls you can either choose a washable matte or eggshell finish. Your ceiling you will want a dead flat finish. Lastly, for your trim, you could select a pearl/satin finish or a semi-gloss finish if you want a slightly higher shine to it.

warm vs cool whites

Make sure to check out this cool white and this warm white from Benjamin Moore.

Selecting Furniture For an All-White Room

Some tips on how to style white rooms when it comes to what furniture pieces you choose are essential. You will want to diversify away from the white, but you don’t want to overpower the white or you will lose the theme. Depending on what kind of look you want to achieve, how you diversify it will change. For a rustic or intimate feel, stick to neutrals and pastel hues. Natural woods pair exceptionally well with whites, and they still allow the room to have a lightness to it. Soft linens are also excellent when styling white rooms because they don’t take away from the white but create a warmness to the room.

how to style white rooms with natural woods

Check out the Maxwell Sofa  and the Reclaimed Russian Oak Plinth Square Coffee Table from Restoration Hardware. 

If you are going for a contemporary theme, the play on straight lines and a monochromatic color scheme is essential. For instance, you will want very structured furniture pieces and create symmetry. The use of metals, concrete, and stone will compliment the style of the crisp, fresh, and clean white room atmosphere.

white interiors with black frames

Take a look at the Bronte Coffee Table from Elte and this Flatiron side table from ABC Carpet & Home.

Textures Are Key

To make sure your white design doesn’t feel bland, add different textiles. Creating dimension is very important. Ways to do this is through your accent pieces. Stay within the whites but play around with different materials. Woven or fluffy pillows, a chunky knit throw blanket are just the start. Another idea, add a rug to the room, this can help brighten up your flooring as well as adding another layer to the room.

how to style white rooms with texture

Check out these pillows and this throw from Urban Barn.

Choosing The Right Lighting

Tips on how to style white rooms will even work its way down to what light bulbs you have. If you have yellow or warmer lighting as well as a warm white paint color, the room may lose the whiteness to it. If this is the case you have two options, stick with the warmer lights but going cooler for the walls or switch out the lighting. However, this goes both ways. You could have a lot of LED lights so going, and the use of a colder white could make the room have that clinical feel. A tip when dealing with an abundance of LEDs is to choose a warmer paint color, create balance.

warm vs cool lighting
Use Plants In Your Space

Bring greenery into your space by decorating with indoor plants. Tips on how to style white rooms are to add color and an organic element with plants. Indoor plants will bring a freshness to the place. Also, they are effortless to switch up depending on your theme – you could go for something more tropical by the use of banana leaves or palms. Other ideas, baby tear plants give off a rustic look, or if you have a minimalistic theme, you could use a house plant that has a purity to it like a string of pearls. You can switch it up by season.  

how to style white rooms with plants
How To Add Artwork To Your All-White Room

Now you are probably close to being done styling your white themed room. You have to add the final touches then it will be complete. Artwork can bring personality into your space, and it is crucial to have focal points laid out around the room. Essential tips on how to style white rooms with artwork are to keep it simple. Make sure the artwork has the right balance between white and colors or has the absence of color, just like the theme of your room. You could keep it to a minimum by displaying one large piece of work that is a little more detailed. Another thing, you could disperse a variety of simplistic fragments of art around the room. By displaying pieces of art around in different areas will create eye flow and will help bring the design of the room altogether.

how to style white rooms with art